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Services Provided by Tech Support

  • Assistance with connectivity and software issues including but not limited to:
  • Setting up your computer including peripherals such as printers, monitors, and mice
  • Setting up an email account or Wi-Fi/Network Connection
  • Help installing antivirus software including adjusting sensitivity settings
  • Help with virus or spyware removal
  • Installing apps or software, including Microsoft Office
  • How to: Turn PC on/off, connect to the Internet, use webcam, access pictures from media, and more.

Services NOT Provided by Tech Support

  • Every effort has been made by Tech Support to provide you with answers to your most commonly asked questions, however, we are unable to assist with the following:
  • Issues relating to problems originating with your Internet provider.
  • Issues relating to physical damage to your PC (i.e liquid/water damage, cracked screen).
  • The following types of hardware problems should be redirected to the PC manufacturer:
    • My computer does not power up or goes to a blue screen
    • My DVD drive will not eject
    • My computer makes strange noises
    • My computer is hot and randomly restarts